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Is your morning coffee routine getting stale?



Home Made Donuts is now open and serving fresh, home made donuts and desserts at its 1680 Pleasant Street location. While it shares a color scheme with that ‘other’ donut shop, the product at Home Made Donuts is arguably softer, fresher and more lovingly crafted than that of their national brand competitor. While the assortment is limited, the price of coffee and hand crafted donuts are very reasonable and the staff is friendly and appreciative. These are factors that cannot be overlooked when making one of the most important decisions many of us make each day: where to buy your morning coffee and donuts.

That being said, morning routines are hard to break and in a fast paced world, convenience is a major driver in consumers’ buying decisions. This is particularly true when food is concerned, so much so that a recent study showed nearly half of Americans fail to eat breakfast daily. Of the half that do, time and convenience are the biggest factors and they opt for food on the go. For some, that does not equate to finding parking in a small lot on a busy street and waiting in a line. This poses a few questions.

When does the desire to support a local business outweigh the perceived loss of convenience? What are the most important factors that would make you consider switching your morning routine? Have you visited Home Made Donuts? Share your experience in the comments.

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