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Investigation completed on crash that killed New Bedford, Fall River, Mashpee residents



Mashpee Police Chief has ruled on a pursuit that concluded in a crash that killed a Fall River man, a New Bedford woman, and a new Mashpee father.

According to Chief Scott Carline, the Mashpee Police Department initiated a vehicle stop on a vehicle driven by Mickey Rivera of Fall River due to observed moving violations. Rivera, according to the reconstruction team investigation, failed to stop for officers and reached speeds of 90-100 mph in a 50 mph speed limit zone. The report concluded that Rivera displayed disregard for other vehicles and that his high speed caused him to lose control and veer into oncoming traffic and crashing into the second vehicle.

The investigation also revealed that Rivera was on probation with a GPS monitor and a suspended license at the time of the crash.

Rivera was out awaiting trial on Armed Assault with Intent to Rob, Attempted Armed/Masked Robbery, Conspiracy Armed/Masked Robbery, and Witness Intimidation charges.

The Mashpee Police Department’s policy states that a vehicle pursuit is authorized when the need to apprehend a suspect fleeing in a vehicle outweighs the risk created by the pursuit.

The Chief has concluded that after an investigation that included officer interviews, witness interviews, video reviews, transcript reviews, radio transmissions reviews, and accident reconstruction reviews that the pursuit should have been terminated.

While Chief Carline states that evidence supports that Rivera was not in the area of the pursuing cruiser at the time of the crash, the investigation was forwarded to a law group for independent review where they also concluded that the pursuit should have been terminated.

Chief Carline stated that it is important to the department to be transparent and professional, but also accountable for actions. The department plans on taking corrective measures to ensure this type of policy violation does not occur in the future.

On July 28 the crash claimed the life of 22-year old Rivera, and new father 32-year-old Kevin P. Quinn of Mashpee. Rivera was pronounced dead at the accident scene and his passenger, 24-year-old Jocelyn Goyette of New Bedford later died at a hospital. Quinn was leaving the hospital where his child was born when the crash occurred.

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