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Incident in Fall River parking lot leads to foot chase where suspect literally runs out of his sneakers

An incident in a Fall River parking lot led to a serious foot pursuit by an FRPD officer.

According to a police report, on February 28th at approximately 6:00 p.m., officer Michael Hadaya of the Special Operations Division Street Crimes Unit observed a suspected hand to hand exchange in the parking lot of Hartwell Commons Quick Stop. Hadaya approached the individuals involved. When he did, one of the individuals fled holding his waistband.

Officer Hadaya chased the suspect toward Lowell Street. While running, the male ran out of his sneakers and threw several articles as he jumped fences. Officers heard a metallic clang when one of those items hit a fence post. The man then released his waistband and began running in a normal manner. Officer Hadaya continued to chase the male but lost him.

According to Detective John Robinson, experience has shown that individuals who grasp their waistband while running usually are securing something heavy to prevent it from falling out or weighing down their pants.

Officer Hadaya returned to the area of the fence post after the pursuit and located a cell phone.

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