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I found the perfect Chicken Alentejana at Sagres in Fall River



I absolutely love Portuguese food and after the traditional Portuguese Steak (read my Perfect Portufues Steak article), my favorite Portuguese dish is chicken or pork Alentejana. It’s a simple dish with marinated chicken or pork sauteed with littlenecks and potatoes in a wine sauce.

I found the perfect Chicken Alentejana (Galinha a Alentejana in Portuguese) at Sagres (177 Columbia Street, Fall River). The chicken is cooked to perfection, potatoes soft and the sauce flavorful, perfect to dip the bread that comes with the meal. The portion at Sagres is large enough for at least two people, especially if you get an appetiser. If you go alone, the extra portion heats up well at home, best reheated with a saucepan (do not microwave!).

Sagres is one of the more elegant Portuguese restaurants in Fall River, but the parking can be an issue as it’s mostly street parking. I recommend going there on a Wednesday or Thursday as there will be plenty of street parking and seating compared to Friday and the weekends when Sagres is usually packed (for good reason!). They also have an excellent Portuguese and a house steak, and always seem to have a specials menu so you can mix it up often.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. TJ

    November 14, 2023 at 6:43 am

    They really do need a parking lot of their own

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