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Here is what opens in Massachusetts on May 25th



Additional businesses and attractions will be able to open on Monday May 25.



•Drive-in theaters

•Some athletic fields and courts

•Many outdoor adventure activities

•Most fishing, hunting, and boating

•Outdoor gardens, zoos, reserves, and public installations

•Laboratory and life sciences facilities

•Offices, excluding those in City of Boston; work from home strongly encouraged; businesses should restrict workforce presence to <25% max occupancy

•Hair salons and barbershops by appointment only

•Pet grooming by appointment only (curbside pet drop-off and pick-up)

•Car washes: exterior car washing allowed

•Recreation and outdoor with guidelines

•Other health care providers who attest to specific public health/safety standards can provide high priority preventative care, pediatric care and treatment for high risk patients: Services that may be performed are limited, based on the provider’s clinical judgment to (1) high-priority preventative services, including pediatric care, immunizations, and chronic disease care for high-risk patients and (2) urgent procedures that cannot be delivered remotely and would lead to high risk or significant worsening of the patient’s condition if deferred.

•Retail (including marijuana): remote fulfilment and curbside pickup

If you plan on heading to the beach, the following guidelines are in place.

Face Coverings and Masks: All beach visitors shall comply with COVID-19 Order 31: Order Requiring Face Coverings in Public Places Where Social Distancing is Not Possible. The order requires any person over the age of 2, whether indoors or outdoors, to wear a face covering or mask when they cannot maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and others, unless they have a medical condition preventing them from doing so. Masks are not required to be worn while swimming.

Group Size: No groups larger than 10 are allowed to gather.

Beach visitors are required to maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet or more at all times and visitors should maintain at least 12 ft minimum distance between toweling/beach blanket areas.

Organized ball games should not be allowed activity including, but not limited to, volleyball, Kan Jam, spikeball, football, soccer, Kadima, and bocce.

Beach visitors shall abide by social distancing standards for bathroom lines and follow any established visual guidelines for maintaining a 6’ distance in all restroom facilities.

A minimum distance of 6 feet shall be maintained between lifeguards and between the public and lifeguard stands unless in the case of an emergency.

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