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Haven’t received all of your proposed COVID-19 stimulus money? FTC says it is on the way



According to the FTC, some money that was supposed to be sent to some parents concerning COVID-19 is expected to be on the way.

If you used the IRS’s non-filers tool before May 17 and claimed at least one qualifying child, the IRS mistakenly failed to send you $500 per qualifying child, according to an FTC release.

To correct this, the IRS is in the process of sending money to the people who were affected. (If you used the non-filers tool after May 17 and claimed at least one qualifying child, your stimulus payment did include $500 per qualifying child.)

The FTC states that you shouldn’t have to do anything to get your money. The IRS began making direct deposits on August 5, 2020 and mailing checks and debit cards on August 7, 2020. If you are unsure or want to check your payment status, go to

The IRS won’t contact you about your payment. If someone does, be aware, because it could be a scam.

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