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Get to know Durfee High School student that was just recognized for excellence by Fall River School Committee



Photo courtesy of Fall River Public Schools

During Monday night’s meeting, Durfee Senior Chloe Pacheco was honored by The Fall River School Committee.

Pacheco is ranked number three in her class and was recently recognized by the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents for showing distinction in the pursuit of excellence during her high school career.

Here is a description of Pacheco released by Fall River Public Schools.

Chloe Pacheco is an intelligent, caring, and inspiring student, who is ranked 3rd in her class. By the end of high school, she will have taken 8 AP courses, earning all A’s or higher in them. She will have traveled the world through her participation in the History Abroad club, served in leadership roles in the clubs she participates in, and has given back to others by completing community service. Chloe never talks about her academic status or all of her accolades. She just accomplishes her goals quietly and leads by example.

Chloe enjoys learning. She takes classes that will help prepare her for her future as a nurse. Chloe also takes classes that align with her interests and goals. She is a student that every teacher wants to work with because she is going to put in the time needed to master the content of their classes. Chloe is an inspiration. She wants to help others, while experiencing different parts of the country and world with her aspiration of becoming a traveling nurse. She is self-less and knows how important this work is. She wants to have an everlasting impact on individuals who are in the highest level of need.

Helen Keller put it perfectly, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Chloe is optimistic about her future. She possesses great qualities that make her a special young woman. Chloe hopes to attend UCLA next year and pursue a degree in Nursing.

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