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Freetown and Tiverton Police promote first woman to sergeant in Department history



Kaylin Jose (left) and Jessica Anderson

FREETOWN, MA- The Freetown Police Department is proud to announce the promotion of Patrolman Kaylin Jose to the rank of sergeant, marking a historic moment as she becomes the first female police officer in the department’s history to hold this distinguished rank.

According to Freetown Police, Sergeant Jose’s journey with the Town of Freetown began in January 2017 when she joined as an Auxiliary Police Officer. Demonstrating unwavering dedication and commitment to her profession, she took the initiative to self-sponsor herself through the full-time police academy, showcasing her determination to serve and protect the community. In October 2017, she was appointed as a full-time Patrolman, and since then, she has been an invaluable asset to the department.

Throughout her six years of service, Sergeant Jose has proven herself as an outstanding law enforcement professional. Her expertise in various roles, such as a Sexual Assault Investigator, a liaison for the Domestic Violence Center, and a Field Training Officer, reflects her versatility and capability in handling complex and sensitive cases with utmost compassion and competence.

This promotion holds an extraordinary significance as it brings a sense of family legacy. Sergeant Jose’s grandmother, Susan Jose, was also a trailblazer in her time, being the first female officer appointed to the Freetown Police Department. Susan served the Town of Freetown as a Reserve Police Officer from 1975 to 1998. This achievement adds an even more profound dimension to Sergeant Jose’s accomplishments.

Chief Scott Rose expressed his admiration for Sergeant Jose’s history-making promotion, saying, “Sergeant Kaylin Jose’s promotion is a momentous occasion for the Freetown Police Department. Her dedication, professionalism, and leadership qualities are an inspiration to all officers, both current and future. As she makes history, she also carries on the legacy of her grandmother, highlighting the importance of breaking barriers and creating opportunities for women in law enforcement. Congratulations, Sergeant Jose, on this well-deserved achievement!”

Tiverton, RI Police Sergeant Jessica Anderson also secured a recent historic promotion. Sergeant Anderson is a five-year veteran of the department and the first female Tiverton officer to achieve the rank of sergeant.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Barack Warren

    August 3, 2023 at 5:20 pm

    One womyn promoted and this is touted as something good? This is a token gesture. The department should be *at least* 50% womyn with POC and LGBTQ+ representation.

    We’ve seen how corrupt the FRPD and other police departments are. It’s time for a paradigm shift and it’s about time underrepresented genders and communities are represented within the LEO community.

    Why mo trans officers?

    This story is shameful, as it celebrates a token. Not change or equality.

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