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Former Jasiel Correia chief of staff Gen Andrade sentenced, avoids prison time



Gen Andrade, former mayor Jasiel Correia’s chief of staff and campaign manager, has been sentenced after pleading guilty for a second time.

After seeing her initial guilty plea be rejected by Judge Douglas Woodlock, Andrade and the prosecution agreed to a new deal.

Andrade was sentenced to one year of probation and fined $50,100 for pleading guilty to making false statements.

Both sides had agreed to a sentence of one year of probation and a fine of $10,000.

Andrade’s previous plea left Woodlock with no discretion other than to say yes or no. This time, Woodlock had the option to issue a harsher penalty and decided to increase the fine that was proposed.

The sentencing guidelines on the above charge was stated as incarceration of 0-6 months and a fine of up to $9,500.

Prior to sentencing, the prosecution noted Andrade’s work in the community and giving nature and that she excepted responsibility of her crime and its serious nature. Andrade became very emotional during the government’s statements.

Before ruling, Judge Woodlock stated that the letters submitted on Andrade’s behalf were real and that he could tell that Andrade is a good person that was involved in a serious offense. He also felt that Andrade should have testified in Correia’s case as part of taking responsibility of her actions. Woodlock also expressed that incarceration wouldn’t do Andrade any good.

Andrade issued an emotional statement where she apologized to the City of Fall River, her family, and those that were affected. Andrade stated that at first, she thought Correia was doing good and wanted to help him, but eventually realized that he was conning others and herself. She went on to say that she takes full responsibility for her actions.

Andrade’s trial initially started in December of 2021, but was delayed until March 7 after a witness tested positive for COVID-19.

In December of 2020, an emotional Andrade changed her plea to guilty in a virtual hearing.

Andrade submitted the initial guilty plea, agreed to by both sides, where she would be sentenced to 12 months of supervised release and a fine, along with time served.

In the June 2021 initial plea proceeding, Judge Woodlock went back and forth at times forcefully, concerning whether there was a justified reason for him to take the plea.

Judge Woodlock took the recommendation under advisement, but did not accept the plea deal as he felt the citizens of Fall River did not receive a faithful employee in addition to her initially lying. Woodlock felt that a plea agreement should consist of jail time and felt the $10,000 fine was too low.

During the December 2020 hearing, Zach Hafer from the prosecution listed evidence in the case against Andrade which included bank statements and testimony that Andrade was giving Correia half of her salary almost immediately upon being hired as chief of staff, including a snow stipend that was granted to Andrade.

Evidence also included testimony that marijuana vendor Charles Saliby paid Correia $150,000 which was to be used for Correia’s legal fees in the SnoOwl case. Sailby was to receive a non-opposition letter for the payment in which Correia stated that no more letters would be issued.

Earlier this month, Jasiel Correia was issued a sixth extension concerning the date he is scheduled to report to prison.

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