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Fall River woman says she was followed in Swansea Walmart and it is happening elsewhere



A Fall River woman wants to warn the public after she stated that she was followed at a local Walmart.

Lisa Moura had quite the scare and took to social media to let people know what had just happened to her.

The incident in question happened Wednesday evening.

“For anyone who shops at Swansea Walmart, I just had to be escorted out by the manager to put my groceries in my car because there was a man following me down every aisle from one side of the store to the other (he had no cart, no items to purchase, the entire hour I was in there). He walked past me when I was at the registers and he kept walking down every empty register line side-eyeing me. When I was cashing out he was walking toward the door. I was creeped out so I had the manager walk me out and stay by me until I left. He was then outside in the parking lot checking for unlocked doors.”

“Everyone watch your surroundings!!! Creeps everywhere. BE SAFE!!!”

We asked Moura if she contacted Swansea Police.

“No. I didn’t report anything because the manager who walked me out said she would see where he went behind the store and handle it from there so I left.”

Moura says that since she made her story public, several have reached out to her saying they have had similar experiences.

“I’ve had girls message me since my post saying it happened to them too on the same day at the Dartmouth one, as well as Tiverton Casino, and Ocean State Job Lot in Fall River. These are strangers messaging me. So it’s happening repeatedly.”

We asked Lisa what other advice she had to help warn people.

“Just to be observant and aware of your surroundings. If you are traveling alone I’d suggest carrying mace or bring a friend!”

Walmart had no comment.



  1. Russ

    August 15, 2020 at 6:32 pm

    My daughter was at the Walmart in Fall River about a year and half ago it was in the afternoon she felt someone was falling following her one of the security staff had been watching this man he was stalking her my daughter security left the store the security offer escorted my daughter to her car and the stalker was fowlowingj her I was a correctional officer 26 years so I’ve seen the bad things in life human trafficking is very wide spread not to mention the amount rapists and pedafiles i in this world and the pycpaths

  2. Klepty Klepto

    August 15, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    It may have been loss prevention following you for suspicion of theft. That’s why the store has no comment. If you bring in a bag that could be used to bypass their alarm system, that’s another reason why you could be followed closely. So they can witness you shoplifting.

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