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Fall River store looking for two grinches



Leonard’s package store at 1331 Pleasant St in Fall River is looking for these 2 men involved in a theft in the store.

They haven’t let the theft change their sense of humor however as this is the Facebook post they left for the two alleged thieves:


Please help us find Grinch #1 & #2! Or maybe Thing 1 & 2? Last night Grinch #1 ran off with an item and the manager. I would like to thank him for the 1/4 run since given this busy holiday week I haven’t been able to make it to the gym. Later the clerk realized Grinch #2 walked in and was speaking with him. Grinch #2 kept the clerk busy with the “no no the other one”. After reviewing our outdoor cameras, we were able to determine that these two walked from the Harrison St area together. If you know them please let us know. We would like to wish them a Merry Christmas and definitely give Grinch #1 a new pair of shiny bracelets.

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