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Fall River single mom receives early Mother’s Day present from stranger that saves the day



A Fall River mom received a welcome surprise just before Mother’s Day.

A woman who preferred to remain anonymous post this heartwarming story in our “Fall River” group.

“I went to Walmart on Thursday. O was short on the amount I needed for 2 boxes of diapers, a box of wipes and a potty for my 18-month-old son. I literally already replaced a new fridge at my house that I moved into a month ago. I told the cashier to return one of the boxes of diapers since I wouldn’t have enough to cover other stuff that will be needed to cover. This lady behind me ended up buying that diaper box for me and as soon as I got into my car, I bawled my eyes out and told her thank you and how it meant a lot for me.

“Little did she know that she turned my whole day around yesterday. Struggling as a single mother trying to get by the day as it goes on. I hope one day she sees this post because I don’t know how else to thank her and show how much I appreciate what she did for me. SHE TRULY WAS SUCH AN AMAZING LADY THAT I COULDN’T EXPRESS!!! If you do end up reading this, thank you so much ma’am. Please let me know how else I can repay you for what you did for me. Bless you and your family and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and every day for the rest of your life.

“First time anyone offered. There are still good people out here like herself.

“EDIT: I am honestly lost for words and how touching to share this story to all of you being in this group. I honestly did not expect to see how many people have experienced this themselves. I’m truly honored from all the support. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK, I truly appreciate it!!!!

“Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies and to the single dads who have to take both roles!!!!”

Fall River Reporter would like to wish all mothers out there that are doing their best to provide for their family a Happy Mother’s Day in addition to those try to lend a hand to help.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fed Up

    May 14, 2023 at 7:47 pm

    That’s a nice story for a change. Good for them both.

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