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Fall River resident had car broken into for 4th time this past year last night, wonders if others have had same experience



Car break-ins are certainly not new in Fall River or anywhere else, but a Fall River resident, Tatiana Reis, wanted to warn the public of new break-ins and was wondering if anyone else was running into the same issue that she is having.

“My car has now been broken into 4 times this past year, with the most recent being last night. I always lock my car, and it locks automatically after several seconds of closing the door. For some reason, my alarm does not sound (will be checking that out further). Whoever it is seems to be looking for money or valuables, which obviously no one keeps in their car out of all places. Nothing was taken so it seems, just annoying that all my glovebox paperwork was thrown around. I have previously alerted the police, but was wondering if anyone has experienced the same? I live in the upper highlands, between North Park and Charlton.”

If you see a break-in or experience one yourself, contact the Fall River Police.

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