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Fall River Public Library adds photo identification



As online security, fraud, and identify theft are becoming more of a concern the Fall River Public Library at 104 North Main Street, is now offering an added layer of protection for your library card.

Library cards typically do not have a name, address, or photo on them, so if they are lost or stolen, anyone can pick them up and use them. That could mean a very unhappy surprise for the person who suddenly learns they have $100 worth of lost books and movies!

Fall River now offers photo ID protection for your library card. When library users check out an item or get a new card, their photo is taken by webcam and added to their profile in the library system. Then, if an unauthorized person tries to use the card, library staff can see that they are not the card holder.

According to staff, only library staff can see the photo, so your privacy is preserved. The card looks the same and nothing else changes, but you have the assurance of knowing your card can’t be used by anyone else if it is lost or stolen.

The process started Monday.

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