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Fall River Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen location reopening with new employees



A fast-food restaurant in Fall River that had appeared to close for good is reopening.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, located at 933 Pleasant Street, will be back in business any day.

According to Health Inspector Bob DeSoto, the location was inspected on Friday and is good to go and up to date. Popeyes also had their own strict inspectors check out the building.

When Fall River Reporter contacted the franchise about the Fall River location in March, they informed us that the business was permanently closed, however, according to DeSoto, the issues have been worked out.

The eatery is opening under the same ownership, but not the same conditions. DeSoto stated that including a previous pest problem, employees were swearing at customers and each other and that the now former employees had to go due to many complaints from customers.

The restaurant is currently hiring for the new help on the company’s website and other employment websites.

DeSoto wishes ownership well as the Fall River location was very popular before it ran into issues. Difficulty finding the right employees during COVID may have played a factor in the initial demise.

Popeyes is known for its quick serving chicken at reasonable prices.



  1. Jake Perry

    June 23, 2022 at 8:03 am

    Oh, I can wait to go to that f###ing place.

  2. Mike tremblay

    June 24, 2022 at 9:06 pm

    He closed becausw when he took over he fired all the good employees i was nice on time and always did my job but because he didnt like us he made up a reason to fire us for me it was while on my break my lunch i took off my work shirt to smoke a ciggeret and he stated i was being unprofessinol even though the manager he replaced told mw it was ok and recommended as the smoke can make my uniform smell and its not proper so id put it back on during work. We were all trained for one specific area but he forced us to learn everything and switch postions on a daily makeing it very confusing on what he expected each day plus he picked favorites would laugh and talk with employees he liked while yelling at others he didnt to stop talking even though they werent bothering anyone. He also ascussed people of smokeing drugs to fire them when i dame well know they hadnt because of there history they hated even bein next to cig smokers they were straight as an arrow yet he fired them for drugs. He made it very clear he did that so he could do what he says hes dping now make it better. What happen after you canned us a hole team of amazing workers and he knows who we are u ended up infested with roachs. Would have never happend if i was still there our cleaning team was top notch hes just looking for his next dollar and in the world of fast food thats all they seem to want now the next dollar. The coustomer and the workers in there eyes are just expendable even boss to emplyee relationships he through that out the window so i can understand people swareing he probly does the most of it but will blame the workers becuase it will keep the store open.

  3. Catherine

    June 26, 2022 at 2:41 pm

    I went there twice and was never happy
    The food is gross

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