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Fall River Police investigating after multiple incidents where people were struck with pellets



Photos courtesy of Peachtree City Police Department

Fall River Police are investigating multiple incidents where people and property were struck with pellets/Orbeez in the city.

The incidents may be related to a recent TikTok trend called the “Orbeez Challenge,” where small circular water gel pellets are shot from air-powered pellet guns at people or property. Several incidents of the “challenge” have been reported throughout Massachusetts and across the country in recent weeks, with some leading to people being injured as the photos show above. There have also been several arrests made as a result of these incidents.

Fall River Police Captain Barden Castro stated that the department is aware of the incidents, and they are currently under investigation.

“The potential for someone to get injured exists in these situations and as a result officers are following up on these cases.”

If you have any information on the shootings, contact Fall River Police at (508) 324-2787.

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