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Fall River Police Department warning public after residents receive telephone scam



The Fall River Police Department wants to notify the public of a recent telephone scam involving residents concerning bail payments.

In most instances, the caller indicates that a family member has been arrested in a jurisdiction several hours away. They request a large sum of money as “bail”. Once they receive confirmation that “bail” will be paid, they arrange for a vehicle to pick up the money and deliver it to the “holding facility”.

Should you receive any phone calls from family members or friends requesting large sums of money for bail, do the following;

1. Ask where they are allegedly being held.

2. Hang up and try calling them as you normally would.

3. Should they be unreachable, call the facility, using a number other than the one you were provided over the phone, to confirm their detention status.

4. Only make bail payments in person at the holding facility.

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