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Fall River Police Department says three weekend shootings, one fatal, were targeted incidents



The Fall River Police Department has issued a statement concerning several shootings that took place in the matter of hours.

On Saturday, the Fall River Police Department responded to three separate shooting incidents over the course a twelve-hour period that took place in the area of Locust and Bates Streets. One of these incidents resulted in the unfortunate death of an 18-year-old Jovanni Perez.

The statement issued is as follows:

“At this time, our Major Crimes Division is working in collaboration with the State Police Detective Unit assigned to the Bristol District Attorneys office to apprehend the individual(s) responsible for the homicide. We are also jointly investigating a potential connection of the two subsequent shootings to the homicide investigation.

“It is important for the citizens of Fall River to understand that these shootings are specific targeted acts of violence between specific individuals. There is no immediate cause for concern to the general public, relative to random acts of violence occurring within our city.

“The Department has activated additional units to provide an increased presence in the areas most affected by these acts of violence, as we recognize that those residents are currently feeling unsettled following Saturday’s events.

“Chief Gauvin would like to commend the men and women of the Fall River Police Department for their commitment and dedication to the community on a day that tested our resources. “I was proud to see the number of men and women who volunteered to come to work early or on a day off in order to help support the needs of the residents of the City of Fall River.”

“We are confident that the Major Crimes Division and State Police Detective Unit will bring those individuals responsible for these acts of violence to justice.”



  1. Barack Warren

    October 16, 2023 at 5:30 pm

    Three shootings, but don’t be concerned about it.

    Innocent people are never caught in the crossfire; it won’t change your property value, and the streets are safe as long as it’s only interpersonal problems.

    Excellent work, FRPD. Keep trying.

    What a pathetic statement.

    • Tj

      October 17, 2023 at 1:33 pm

      They are a joke.
      Shrug their shoulders when they actually have to work
      Got so bored started arresting each other.
      Complain about their union problems all day.
      Id be embarrassed to call myself a fall river cop

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