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Fall River Police arrest 19-year-old on gun charges after disturbance with threats



The Fall River Police Department made an arrest over the weekend after an incident.

According to Deputy Chief Barden Castro, on Sunday, Fall River Police responded to the area of Fourth and Branch Streets regarding a disturbance where it was reported that there were threats involving the use of a firearm.

Upon the arrival of officers, several male parties were detained who officers believed were involved in the disturbance. One of the males, identified as a 19-year-old Quincy, MA, resident Isaiah Steward, was found to have a loaded 9mm polymer pistol in his possession.

Steward who does not have a firearms license was placed under arrest. He was charged with unlawful carrying of a large capacity firearm without a license, unlawful possession of a large capacity feeding device, carrying a loaded firearm in public with no license, and trespassing.



  1. AntifaCatPiss

    July 31, 2023 at 11:42 am

    Good thing Mass gun laws kept this thug from obtaining a gun. Oh wait he’s not licensed to roam the streets intimidating the sheeple? Wake up all of you Mass commies, no words written on any paper will protect you from soulless predators. Used to be that the mentally ill sociopaths running around our society would be institutionalized, or jailed, now these animals are celebrated by groups like BLM and antifa. Hey you get what you vote for, or what the voting machines tell you, you voted for!

  2. Fed Up

    July 31, 2023 at 1:29 pm

    Bartley Fox I’m sure he will be sentenced to a mandatory 1 year in prison for procession of an illegal firearm. Oh wait no he won’t because the state doesn’t enforce the laws already on the books and he will receive a slap on the wrist be right back out on the streets to get another gun to terrorize citizens. Meanwhile on Beacon Hill morons are trying to pass unconstitutional gun laws aimed at disarming the law abiding. NO new gun laws. enforce the laws already on the books.

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