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Fall River Police and Fire Unions issue endorsements for political office



Fall River Police and Fire Unions have announced which political candidates they are backing ahead of next month’s election.

The Fall River Police Association membership scheduled a meeting for Thursday, October 19, 2023 with a portion of that meeting itinerary dedicated to candidates/incumbents for the position of Mayor and City Council to make a presentation and answer questions posed to them by the members.

The Association held the meeting and had the opportunity to listen to several candidates/incumbents for Mayor and City Council where they all were provided ample opportunity to discuss public safety within Fall River to include topics such as staffing levels, allocation of police personnel, professional development training, equipment such as cameras throughout the city, vehicles and protective equipment for officers.

The Association has decided to endorse an individual for Mayor of the City of Fall River and 7 individuals for City Council and they are as follows with commentary from the FRPA:

“The Fall River Police Association endorses Mayor Paul Coogan to remain the Mayor of the City of Fall River. Mayor Coogan and his Administration has worked very hard with the Association over the past two years to improve work conditions, improve standards, and make staffing levels a priority. We look forward in continuing that work and further improving the service the Association members provide to their community.”

“The Fall River Police Association endorses City Council incumbents Linda Pereira, Bradford Kilby, Laura Washington and Andrew Raposo. These incumbents have proven through their actions that public safety is a priority and they have voiced their opinions, taken action and aided in the advancement of our ability to provide efficient service to the community and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

“The Fall River Police Association endorses City Council candidates Paul Hart, Gloria Saddler and Gabriel Amaral. These candidates have displayed in a variety of ways how public safety within Fall River is a priority and they were able to provide plans on how they would move public safety forward with the use of sub-committees and working with the Mayor in a legislative way such as the creation of ordinance to empower the police to take enforcement action on quality of life issues as well as funding priorities for professional development training and equipment for our members.”

The Association also thanked Councilors Leo Pelletier and Pam Laliberte for the support they have shown and expressed for public safety during their time on the City Council.

After careful consideration and in-depth discussions at a Special Union Meeting, IAFF Local 1314 Fall River Firefighters has announced the endorsement of the following candidates: Gabriel “Boomer” Amaral, Shawn E. Cadime, Joseph (Joe) D. Camara, Michelle M. Dionne, Paul B. Hart, Bradford (Brad) L. Kilby, Cliff Ponte, Andrew J. Raposo, and Laura Jean Washington.

The Union also endorsed C. Samuel Sutter for mayor.

The Union issued the following commentary on their selections.

“Mayoral Candidate C. Samuel Sutter and IAFF Local 1314 Fall River Firefighters share a common commitment to the prosperity and well-being of our beloved city. His dedication to our community and his tireless advocacy for workers’ rights perfectly align with the principles we hold dear.”

“Through this endorsement, we look forward to a collaborative partnership with Mayoral Candidate C. Samuel Sutter as we work together to achieve our mutual goals of fostering a thriving, equitable, and inclusive City of Fall River. We firmly believe that Mayoral Candidate C. Samuel Sutter possesses the vision, experience, and dedication needed to lead our city to a brighter future.”

“The IAFF Local 1314 Fall River Firefighters firmly believes that these candidates will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our city, ensuring it remains a place where hardworking families can thrive and prosper. Our union has a long history of advocating for fair wages, safe working conditions, and strong local communities, and we are confident that these endorsed candidates share these principles.”

“As we move closer to the election, IAFF Local 1314 Fall River Firefighters will actively engage its members and community partners to support these endorsed candidates in their campaigns. We encourage all residents to learn more about these candidates and participate in the democratic process by casting their votes on November 7, 2023.”

In addition to the endorsement of the Fall River Police Union, Coogan has also been endorsed by Congressman Jake Auchincloss, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey, Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll, former Governor Charlie Baker and former Lt. Governor Karyn Polito.

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1 Comment

  1. Dlafleur

    October 20, 2023 at 7:11 pm

    The Police are supposed to be impartial..

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