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Fall River Mayor Paul Coogan running for re-election in 2023



Paul Coogan has announced that he will be running for re-election to return to the 6th floor in 2024.

It had been rumored that Coogan may run for a third term, and he confirmed to Fall River Reporter on Wednesday that he will indeed run for re-election.

Coogan had the intention of stabilizing the Scholarship City following a tumultuous term by then Mayor Jasiel Correia by serving only two terms in office. In 2022, however, Coogan stated that he was undecided on a run for a third term.

In the November 2021 election, the incumbent mayor snagged 61% of the votes to challenger Cliff Ponte’s 38%.

The race concerning Coogan and Ponte had been rather heated. Ponte stated that he felt Coogan had no plan and no action while Coogan had an issue with what he felt was negativity on social media from Ponte supporters in addition to his belief that Ponte would be a part-time mayor after the release of Ponte’s memo to his real estate team.

In March during his State of the City address, Coogan stated that “I once again promise that I will continue to work hard, act out of my deep love for this City and commit my administration to integrity and transparency. I am truly honored to lead the City of Fall River at this historic point in time.”



  1. SheriffJohnBrown

    November 4, 2022 at 2:12 pm

    Memo Fantasma is running for this office also.

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