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Fall River man organizing group to clean up garbage in area near city park



Photo courtesy of Trevor Santana

You know him as one of the more popular Fall River area photographers snapping scenic and beautiful shots of The Scholarship City. Now he is looking to beautify the city in a different way.

Trevor Santana is starting a “Clean the Bay” initiative in response to all of the trash he sees day-to-day during his travels.

“I’m reaching out to all I know who love this city as much as I do. I’m planning on making this a weekend thing for as long as weather permits. I’ve already (organized) a small gathering of Fall River natives willing to help out.”

The location Santana is looking to focus on is the Kennedy Park Overlook, off of Bay Street and he is looking for anyone who is interested in cleaning up the area.

“I want to make this as possible for everyone that wants to help as I can. Once this gathers some momentum, I plan to make an entire group dedicated to it, and pool together resources like trash liners, etc.”

Santana says he has already reached out to the Chamber of Commerce, and City Council President, Pam Laliberte-Lebeau. He is looking to eventually be sanctioned by the city, so that they can set up a convenient place to dispose of all the rubbish nearby.

If you are interested in joining Trevor, you can message him on Facebook at Trevor Santana

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