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Fall River man arrested after allegedly threatening President Trump, Fall River Police



A potential hazmat situation turned into a Fall River man being arrested after allegedly making multiple threats Wednesday.

According to Lieutenant Jay Huard, the suspect was a mentally ill man who had an episode.

“He has a long history of mental illness with violence toward the police.”

Fall River Police had stated Wednesday evening that they were investigating a potential hazmat situation at the 1700 block of Meridian Street with the Fall River Fire Department.

The incident took place near Edgewood Drive.

According to information obtained by Fall River Reporter, some of the man’s threats reportedly included the following:

“Some of Hodgson’s piggies came to my door saying that someone left a dead animal on someone’s doorstep and complaining that being hostile towards Nazis is a hate crime. I told them my house was a police free household and that they could f*** off. They left, but I expect them to return with more people. I’ve got the napalm and chlorine gas ready and the line of sight dealt with. Let’s gooooo.”

“The only cure for Trump and his white supremacist base is a bullet. (To clarify, roughly 40% of his base is white supremacists, 50% are fools who are white supremacist sympathizers and 10% fall into other groups, such as those that think he’ll fix the economy, or anarchists who just enjoy the chaos he is causing the corrupt establishment. I’m referring specifically to the 40% who participate in Nazism, those in positions of power in particular, the others can be bettered.)”

“S*** like this is why I support gun rights so vehemently despite primarily aligning myself with left-wing viewpoints.”

“I can’t own a gun right now, but I expected this and have prepared napalm, chlorine, gas, potassium chloride, and a variety of other nasties for Nazis.”

“Gonna make me a dagger from Nazi blood eventually. Use it to kill more Nazis. That’s like 280 adult males of average build, though, assuming no blood is wasted, which isn’t a reasonable assumption.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Medic Gram

    October 3, 2020 at 4:33 pm

    Mentally ill folks do not belong on the streets-crime or not that means NO bail, institution for the mentally ill is where they belong so they can be safe, keep the public safe and help the patient.

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