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Fall River grocer closes his business for the day after Massachusetts Labor Board visit



A Fall River grocer has reportedly been closed for the day after a visit by the Massachusetts Labor Board.

Mike St. Pierre, owner of Family Foods Grocery Outlet at 323 William S. Canning Blvd, stated today that his business will be closed today due to “ongoing harassment from the Massachusetts Labor Board.”

St. Pierre also stated that the business will be filing a lawsuit against the state for “intimidation of employees and harassment which caused the closure of a local business.”

We contacted St. Pierre and he says he closed the business voluntarily.

“We closed ourselves. They just like harassing small businesses! We closed ourselves today to stock. No other details were given on the closure or the visit.

Back in November, St. Pierre stated that his business was fined $500 for employees not wearing masks, which he disputed. He posted a picture of the violation he received with some comments concerning his thoughts on the fine.

“Thanks for the toilet paper city of Fall River.”

“Handing out Covid fines like dictators. You’re bull**** order is unconstitutional. We’ll see you in court, you can bank on that! Illegally attacking businesses that pay your taxes. Genius! Shame I wasn’t here to speak with the arrogant tough guy speaking down to my employees with masks on. Who the hell says ” You guys better cut the s***” you pencil pushing State guinea pig. Shut us down if you think you’re smart… Bunch of scumbags!”

Fall River Reporter contacted St. Pierre at the time to get more details concerning the fine.

“Employees/ Cashiers wear masks all day long. They said they watched outside a few days ago and 3 employees weren’t wearing masks which was most likely me putting out frozen food. Even though I stay away from customers as I do so every Monday.”

St Pierre stated previously that he is confident in Family Foods Grocery Outlet’s safety protocols during the pandemic.



  1. DC

    April 12, 2021 at 7:47 pm

    Fall River leave this guy alone, just because he went to the capital your gonna hurt his busines when in fact he helps our low income families afford groceries. Theres much bigger problems in FR how bout the fentanyl killing our children,or the addicts stealing from hard working people, FR does what they want so officials benefit but never mind the families who have to bury they children or lose what they work for cuz of addicts stealing from us. Leave this guy alone go after the drug dealers and thieves,Harassing his employes what a shame.hope you guys can sleep at night until you bury your kid or loose what you worked for You guys make me sick. Just like our last two mayors FR makes me sick when it comes to honest working people. Wish i didnt live here somedays Crooked M×××Ers F×××Ers Theres a heaven and a purgatory both in which you crooked bxxxxxxx wont see.

    • StayClassyFR

      July 1, 2021 at 11:59 am

      Sounds like you need to stop hanging around with junkies.

  2. SB

    April 13, 2021 at 11:31 am

    Thank God. This guy is ignorant and also lying. They do not follow protocol at all. I went in there and no one was wearing a mask, when I politely asked why he told me “ they aren’t Democrats there and if I am then I should go else where!” I left and never went back. I won’t invest my finances to a business who’s hurting our city.

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