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Fall River Forever Paws Zeus is a perfect little guy that loves laps, snuggles toys, and walks



Fall River Forever Paws Pet of the Week Zeus looks permanently concerned. It’s okay. It’s just his face.

Things Zeus likes: Sitting in your lap, plush squeaky toys, treats, long walks, being told he’s handsome 27,000 times.

Things Zeus does not like: Waking up before 7:00 a.m.

This perfect little guy is an almost 6-year-old chihuahua mix that weighs about 12lbs. He’s great on a leash and loves to go for walks and will start happy prancing. A shy, nervous nelly at first, he warms up pretty quick if you get down to his level and talk to him in a soft voice and let him come to you. Soon enough, he’ll be in your lap wagging his tail!

Forever Paws has found that Zeus can be a bit possessive of food and treats. He hasn’t tried to bite (has mouthed at hands, but not hard enough to break skin) and mostly “avoids” but will growl and grumble and basically let you know he’s not happy. Because of this, FP is asking for no cats in the home and for any kids in the home to be 10+ to avoid any grabby hands (although he’s shown that he LOVES kids so far, it’s just not a risk we can take.) Other dogs should be fine as long as the proper steps are taken to ensure everyone’s safety (being fed separately, etc.)

He is SUPER smart and knows tons of cues already and picks up on others like it’s a breeze!

If you want an actual real life snuggle bug that will sleep under the covers with you, this is your guy.

Visit and click adopt to download the application. Once complete, you can email it to or fax it to 508-677-9175.

The Pet of the Week is brought to you by NEW LEAF, an adult-use dispensary with the best-in-class customer service at 2629 South Main Street in Fall River. Click on their Facebook page or their website to learn more.

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1 Comment

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