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Fall River Forever Paws Ruby is the most loving, affectionate calico you’ll ever meet



Looking for some love and affection from your pet cat? Then Ruby may just be the one for you.

Ruby is an example of why Forever Paws in Fall River advocates so passionately AGAINST declawing cats.

This sweet eight-year-old has been declawed. Whoever did the procedure has sentenced her to a lifetime of pain because her poor front feet are mangled, and she has a difficult time walking. More often than not, she limps because putting any kind of pressure on her front paws is probably excruciating.

Despite this, Ruby is the most loving, affectionate calico you’ll ever meet. She leans her head into your hand for pets, rolls onto her back when she wants attention, and even attempts at making biscuits when she’s very happy…which seems to be almost always. Between her chubby cheeks and her adorable demeanor, it’s pretty much impossible not to let her have you wrapped around her little paw.

Ruby will most likely be the very definition of a lap cat.

FP would prefer that Ruby be the only pet in the home, seeing as she can’t defend herself very well.

Visit, click adopt, and download their application. Once complete, you can email it to them at or fax it to them at 508-677-9175.

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