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Fall River Forever Paws Clover goes from nervous nelly to COMPLETE puppy mode!



This pretty little girl from Forever Paws of Fall River is Clover!

Clover is a sleek little pointer/lab mix–just look at those speckled socks! She’s a young girl that has zero confidence in herself and is terrified of the world. She’s a nervous nelly with lots of whining and big sad puppy dog eyes with those expressive eyebrows of hers but once you’re able to get her to relax, she’s like a completely different dog!

She goes into COMPLETE puppy mode! Zoomies, kisses, lap snuggles (she’s only 35lbs, no big deal!), no personal space, all of the adorable stuff! She loves toys, especially plush squeaky toys, and she’s VERY playful and excitable so someone just as playful and excitable as she is would be perfect! She’s very food motivated (typical lab…) and nothings gets her to warm up quicker than a treat.

No kids for this girl, just because she’s already so nervous and quick movements and loud noises will send her scurrying. Other dogs would be okay as long as they give her time to open up on her own and won’t try to push her around. FP isn’t sure about cats quite yet!

Clover is looking for a family that can help her build up some confidence of her own and make her feel safe. She just needs to learn that the world isn’t a bad, scary place. She needs time to be the puppy that she probably never got to be.

Visit and click adopt to download the application. Once complete, you can email it to them at or fax it to us at 508-677-9175.

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