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Fall River City Council scheduled to set recall election date this evening



At tonight’s January 2nd Fall River City Council special meeting, it’s certain there will be a vote for City Council President and Vice President and likey a recall election date set in March. I say likely because you never know what legal objections or Board of Elections decisions that could occur before or during the city council meeting. If you need to catch up on why Fall River is having a recall election go here.

Currently, there are two election date proposals that will be before the city council this evening; March 12 or March 19. You can see the proposed timelines of when nomination papers become available, a list of the polling stations, and a sample ballot below. There are 8 pages to the agenda – click the arrows to go to the next page.


Tune in live this evening on our Facebook page for live coverage of the city council meeting. We should be live starting at 5:45pm.

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