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Fall River City Council does not pass school committee salary increase, cost-of-living increase for SC, CC, mayor



The Fall River City Council did not pass proposals this week to increase school committee member salaries and to rescind a cost-of-living increase ban for mayor and members of the school committee and city council.

A measure that would raise the salary for school committee members from $7,197 to what city councilors make, $16,091, did not pass after a 4-4 vote (Leo Pelletier was not present).

Councilor Laura Washington stated that she received several complaints from residents and voted against the issue.

Councilor Brad Kilby also received complaints and stated that school committee members themselves were not in favor of the proposal brought forth at the request of school committee member Kevin Aguiar.

Council President Joseph Camara was also against the increase saying that if you are doing it for the money, you are in the wrong field.

Shawn Cadime, who stated he had not received calls from residents, felt in the spirit of equity and parity that the school committee deserved the bump in pay. Cadime also said that some coaches who are coaching just one season of a sport have received $10,000.

Councilors Michelle Dionne, Andrew Raposo and Pam Laliberte voted in favor of the school committee salary increase, Linda Pereira voted against.

Concerning rescinding a cost-of-living increase ban for mayor and members of the school committee and city council, Cadime, Dionne, Raposo, Washington, and Camara voted no, Kilby, Laliberte, and Pereira voted in favor.



  1. HuntersCrackPipe

    June 3, 2023 at 10:18 pm

    These people are not producers but instead are useless eaters!

  2. Fed Up

    June 4, 2023 at 7:45 am

    These people have no shame. Everyone is struggling but lets give our friends a $9K pay hike. Disgusting and Pam Laliberte? How does that criminal get a vote on anything?

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