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Fall River, Brockton, Boston area communities receive nearly $4.8 million in grant funding to staff police, fire departments



BRAINTREE – The Healey-Driscoll Administration today announced nearly $4.8 million in grant funding to support municipal police and fire services in 10 communities.

Ten cities received state funds through the Massachusetts Municipal Public Safety Staffing Program. This program assists eligible communities with the cost of maintaining sufficient staffing in their police and fire departments. By statute, eligibility is limited to municipalities with a population of at least 60,000 on the 2010 Census and whose police departments had an operating budget of less than $200 per capita in 2010. The program awarded a total of $4,799,696.48 to eligible communities.

“Through this investment, cities are able to maintain vital public safety services and provide mutual aid to neighboring towns,” said Governor Maura Healey. “These grants support the life-saving work of first responders and help public safety agencies to meet the needs of those they serve. I’m grateful to the Legislature for making these funds available to support emergency services.”

“This program empowers local leaders to identify and direct funds toward staffing for police and fire departments to ensure sufficient community services are available,” said Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll. “These grants reflect our administration’s dedication to promoting public safety and keeping our communities safe.”

“Local police and fire personnel are the first line of protection for our communities. Ensuring that public safety agencies can maintain staffing is essential to protecting our communities and keeping our residents safe,” said Secretary of Public Safety and Security Terrence Reidy.

“Supporting municipal public safety agencies is central to our agency’s mission of promoting safety and security across Massachusetts. These grants invest in the police and fire personnel who risk their lives to protect their communities. We’re grateful to provide this funding to support them,” said OGR Executive Director Kevin Stanton.

The following communities received grant funds through the Massachusetts Municipal Public Safety Staffing Program:

Police: $293,850.00
Fire: $267,600.00
Total: $561,450.00

Fall River
Police: $592,365.00
Fire: $750,000.00
Total: $1,342,365.00

Police: $61,887.00
Fire: $61,887.00
Total: $123,774.00

Police: $203,160.00
Fire: $75,000.00
Total: $278,160.00

Police: $1,005,200.02
Fire: —
Total: $1,005,200.02

Police: $180,825.00
Fire: $75,625.00
Total: $256,450.00

Police: $528,321.21
Fire: —
Total: $528,321.21

Police: $103,064.46
Fire: —
Total: $103,064.46

Police: $215,100.00
Fire: $215,100.00
Total: $430,200.00

Police: $79,500.00
Fire: $91,211.79
Total: $170,711.79



  1. G-Bow

    December 7, 2023 at 8:18 pm

    Can it be used to pay for lawsuits caused by Custodio, Pessoa, or Hoar? Maybe we could use it to have Chris Hansen tell Morin to take a seat. I miss the days when the FRPD just ‘liked to watch’ perverts on 195.

  2. Back the BLUE always

    December 8, 2023 at 12:15 pm

    Defund, fund. Defund, fund.
    I hate politicians

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