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UPDATE: Tip jar stolen at Fall River bakery recovered

Photo courtesy of Leddy's Bakery

A Fall River bakery’s missing tip jar has been recovered.

According to Fall River Lieutenant Greg Wiley, the suspect who stole the tip jar was quickly identified by patrol officers and the tip jar was returned . The owner of Leddy’s Bakery did not wish to pursue criminal charges.

On Friday, a man walked away with a tip jar meant for the female workers up front.

Video surveillance shows that the man swiped the jar at approximately 10:34 a.m.

The bakery at the time issued the following message.

“Help wanted – Not for a baking position but for the sh*t bag that decided it was his right to steal the tip jar of the girls out front.”

We asked the bakery for comment after the theft.

“It’s just sad to do this to hard working people, especially in these trying times. These girls work hard on their feet for long shifts and these tips help them get ahead. Some are single parents supporting their kids. I would just want this guy to think about the fact he actually stole from some elementary school kids in Fall River who need any advantage they can get.”

UPDATE: Leddy’s issued a statement concerning the return of the tip jar.

“The officer returned the jar after confronting the person and we were told the police report would be filed and he would be called into court though that may take 6-8 months due to COVID slowdowns. We were told likely outcome would be he would have to pay back estimated stolen funds. If this is not accurate we would look to press formal charges.”

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