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Estranged husband arrested after being armed with sword, trying to set house on fire



A local man was arrested on multiple charges after breaking a protective order involving his estranged wife.

According to Detective Sergeant Khatu P. Khubchandani, on April 21st at 8:18 p.m., Portsmouth Police Officers responded to 182 Armando Drive for a report of 75 year old male that had violated a no contact order and broke into the residence through a glass window.

The victim and a friend arrived home and observed the suspect, Chong Yoon, who is the victim’s estranged husband, to be pouring gasoline on the floor and threatening to set the house on fire.

Upon officers’ arrival, they observed Yoon to be holding a samurai sword. Officers gave instructions to drop the sword, however, Yoon attempted to run and had to be restrained.

Yoon was charged with Domestic Arson- 5th Degree, Domestic B&E, Resisting Arrest, and Violation of a Protective Order.

Yoon was transported to Newport Hospital by PFD due to injuries sustained prior to arrest.

He was arraigned on April 22nd in District Court.

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