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Durfee seniors to have in-person graduation, more announcements early next week



What at first was going to be a virtual ceremony will now be an in-person one.

B.M.C. Durfee High School will now host a graduation after the school put it to a vote among soon-to-be graduates.

The 2020 Seniors voted against a virtual graduation Wednesday by a vote of 78%. The school had asked the graduating class to give an opinion on which ceremony was preferred. Having a virtual ceremony in June or having an in-person event after July 19th.

Commissioner Riley, from DPH/HHH, stated last week that ceremonies held between now and July 18 should be held virtually or in extremely limited other circumstances following safety protocols (e.g., car parades).

Ceremonies held beginning July 19 may take place outside under certain standards. The rules set by Riley can be found here.

Durfee Principal Matthew Desmarais sent the following message to families Friday.

“Graduation for the Class of 2020 will take place in-person, after July 19th. We are presently assessing our facility to plan for the ceremony, according to state social distancing guidelines. We will announce the date and time for graduation early next week, along with a rain date since the ceremony must take place outdoors. We appreciate your patience, as we work out details for the Class of 2020.”

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