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Diman staff surprise 350 graduates and parents couldn’t be happier.



Photo courtesy of Diman

Diman seniors received a surprise recently at their homes.

A sign showing off that they are graduating from Diman Regional.

According to Assistant Superintendent-Principal Andrew Rebello, it was an idea created by the staff at the school.

“This was an initiative by Diman staff this spring to celebrate and recognize our seniors who have shown incredible resilience and determination. We had Diman staff members surprise and deliver 350 lawn signs.”

Parent Devin Frizado couldn’t be happier with the thoughtful gesture and the school.

“This showed up on my front lawn yesterday. I asked my son if he put it there and he said he thinks the teachers did. It’s little things like this that make me cry and get all blubbery.”

“My son has had a great 4 years in HS and the school was amazing. Was I surprised the teachers did this? No. But it just shows how amazing this school is.”

“Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School has always been so great about keeping us parents informed in everything, steps up in the community, and is very helpful during the pandemic. It shows what Fall River is really about. Not what you hear on the news, but what the community really is. Close knit, helpful, caring and just an amazing place to live. I’m glad my son had an amazing high school experience.”

“Congratulations to my son and all the seniors this year! You guys did it. All us moms are crying and we are all so proud of you. I later found out it was placed by Michelle Bernier and Maegan Bernier 2 amazing teachers in our community- many thanks to the teachers for keeping our children safe during the day and help form them into the adults they are becoming heading out into the world.”

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