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Diman Regional students get off-site hands-on experience in competition, win prizes



Photos courtesy of PSI

Fall River/Somerset/Swansea/Westport/Assonet – In an exciting display of skill, creativity, and craftsmanship, Diman Vocational-Technical High School students brought their fire to the first welding competition hosted by Piping Systems Inc. in Assonet. The event provided students with hands-on welding experience, challenged their problem-solving limits, and rewarded their exceptional talent with prizes. The competition took place in May in the Prefabrication Department.

Guided by PSI’s expert welders Michael Souza, Nathan Castro, Sophia Benton, Malloy Logan, Ambra Arsenault and others, the Diman students were tasked with designing and fabricating a unique metal creation within a tight timeframe of 60 minutes. The competition aimed to test their technical abilities and foster an atmosphere of friendly competition and camaraderie.

The students were shuttled to the competition in a PSI-chartered bus. Upon arrival, they were allowed to utilize shop equipment, hand and power tools plus any PPE required to ensure they had everything needed to be safe and showcase their amazing talent.

When the teams finally broke for lunch, PSI had a food truck provided by Green Jar Catering ready for them to dine and dash back to the winner’s circle.

As the competition heated up, so did the excitement. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the clock ticked away. PSI’s leadership and vendors were in awe as they watched each group of students skillfully manipulate their metal scraps and bring their imaginative designs to life.

When the time ran out, each entry was a testament to the trade skills the students learn at Diman. Their pieces showcased creative problem-solving and technical abilities, such as craftsmanship in every weld. The judges had the challenging task of selecting a winner from all the outstanding entries.

The grand prize was finally awarded to a masterpiece depicting a welded fisherman sitting atop a turtle, which, in turn, stood atop another turtle. “The competition was an incredible experience for both the students and PSI,” said Jason Taylor, President/Owner at PSI. “In real life, working in the trades is equal parts skill, creativity, and problem-solving. The Diman students killed it. It was an honor to host this event and witness these future trades men and women in action.”

The competition winners, Chace Duarte, Jadyn Silvia, Isiah Stevens, Austin Leeds, Dakota Lefevre, and Masin Lima, received tools and equipment, provided by NEFCO, FW Webb, New Bedford Welding Supply, and Total Welding Supply, Inc.

The impact of this competition extends beyond a one-time event. It inspires the students, encouraging them to pursue careers in welding and related fields. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of vocational education and the numerous opportunities available in the skilled trades.

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