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Diman Regional recognized by U.S. News & World Report as top high school, highest ranked high school in Fall River



Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School had a reason to celebrate today as they received an official commendation from U.S. News & World Report.

US News & World Report reviewed over 24,000 public high schools and 345 of Massachusetts high schools made the list.

The rankings were determined by college readiness, math and reading proficiency/performance, graduation rate, and underserved performance.

Three high schools in Fall River made the list.

Diman was the highest ranked high school in Fall River on the list at 219 in the state despite being a vocational school. Durfee came in next followed by Atlantis Charter. The list did not include private high schools.

Assistant Superintendent-Principal Andrew Rebello issued the following statement:

“In the midst of crisis, a global pandemic, Diman has been badged and awarded, for the 2020 school year, by the US News and World Report, as one of the best high schools in the nation.”

“This historic, record-setting news is a testament to the fortitude and focus of students, teachers, school and District leaders, support staff and every member of Diman Regional. We are fortunate to have the support and visionary leadership of our School Board members and Chairperson Paul Jennings. This award is a direct reflection of the work ethic of a group of talented professionals who I consider the best instructional staff in the nation – our teachers. They believe in the ability, potential, and learning capacity of every student.”

“Today is a great day to celebrate in Greater Fall River. Alumni should be proud of the house they built and the foundation they have set. Students and families should be proud of their hard work. The perseverance and determination to meet our high standard from our students and parents, made achieving this award possible. Parents should unequivocally recognize what separates Diman from any other school and the difference in Diman’s education. Finally, this community should realize the necessity and urgency for our school to grow and educate more students. Each year we average nearly 700 applications for 375 seats. This justifies it. Now is the time for everyone to recognize the generational impact Diman has for families in this community and to support our school through the MSBA new building project.”

“This award, deeming Diman as one of the best vocational high schools in the nation, justifies what our community has come to know. Diman is a special place that provides incredible opportunities. We will enjoy this honor today. However, we will not stop growing. We will not stop providing. We will continue to produce students that are life ready upon graduation. We will continue to supply the next generation of workforce for this community as well as students who are college ready. I am proud to serve this community.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dennis P. Lima

    September 10, 2020 at 6:18 pm

    Nice to see my alma mater be recognized. Class of 1979. Long time ago!

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