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Dartmouth Police looking for trio of alleged shoplifters



The Dartmouth Police are looking for three suspects in a recent shoplifting incident.

Detective Kyle Costa issued the following statement on social media.

“Calling all cAHs…Calling all cAHs”

“On this episode of Two Guys and a Girl (1998), Michael, Pete, and Sharon find themselves in hot water when the local police department plasters their images all over social media in an effort to identify them as alleged shoplifters.”

“Confused by this, the three of them come together at the pizza parlor to try to figure out what happened.”

“After an in depth conversation, and several satirical flashbacks, they discover that the incident is the result of several ironic events which led to all of them actually shoplifting ?”

“If you remember this show, and can help us identify the actors shown in these images, please either send us a private message, or call Detective Kyle Costa at 508-910-1755, so that he can update the DPD IMDb (Internet Movie Database).”

“Thank you! PLEASE SHARE!”

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