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Cleaner and healthier food option targets opening next month in Dartmouth



A cleaner and healthier food option will soon be coming to the South Coast.

Playa Bowls is New Jersey’s Original Acai Shop™ with over 190 locations nationwide and will in the coming days be adding a new spot at 380 State Road Unit 406 (Route 6) in Dartmouth.

Playa (the Spanish word for beach) Bowls was created by founders Robert Giuliani & Abby Taylor because they wanted a healthier option after a long surf session.

A Playa Bowl has many options. PB has 7 different bases: acai, pitaya, coconut, green, chia pudding, banana, oatmeal, (and two year-round special bases the stupid cupid base and booster base). Under every base category, they provide different fruit options. For example, under their acai category the first option is an 8th Ave which has acai, granola, banana, and honey. Next, is the Pura Vida which consists of acai, granola, strawberries, blueberries, and honey! So many different bowl options to choose from — 37 to be exact! And, if you don’t like any of their recommended menu items, a custom bowl is always an option! They also serve smoothies and juices as well.

PB has some organic items in their stores, but not everything is organic. Thier acai, coconut, and pitaya are all organic. If you are unsure, you can ask the staff which products are organic. Gluten free options are also offered including granola. Most items at PB are also dairy free except for the Nutella, white chocolate, vanilla whey protein and chocolate whey protein.

When it comes to going green, PB says they use plant-based products. They have ECO spoons made from corn. The materials used to build their stores are sourced from 50% reclaimed or refurbished materials, and all new Playa Bowls™ locations are built with 100% LED lighting technology.

Playa Bowls told Fall River Reporter that they are targeting an October 2023 opening.

PB is the second eatery to announce this summer that it will be opening a Dartmouth location on Route 6 joining Hungry Pot

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