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City of Fall River to still pursue digital billboards, but at new locations



According to The Preservation Society of Fall River, there has been a change of plans concerning the locations of planned digital billboards in the city.

According to The Preservation Society of Fall River Board of Directors, after discussions with Mayor Jasiel Correia II, the Preservation Society of Fall River is confirming that the Mayor’s Office is no longer pursuing digital billboards at two of the previously proposed locations – South Main/Market Streets in the city’s downtown historic district and the Water Department property off Route 24 near the historic waterworks building.

The issue was previously tabled by the City Council Committee on Health and Environment at its April 6 meeting where the Preservation Society voiced concerns over the impact a digital billboard would have on the historic core of Fall River.

During a recent meeting with members of the Preservation Society’s Board of Directors to discuss historic preservation issues in Fall River, Mayor Correia stated the decision and said that other locations for digital billboards were being explored instead.

It was not revealed what new locations Correia has in mind.

Correia has stated possible revenue from the billboards could be as much as $300,000.

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