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City of Fall River finds additional way to generate revenue



While the plan to install four electronic billboards across the city was declined by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Office of Outdoor Advertising, the City of Fall River has found another way to generate revenue for the city with billboards.

Interstate Public Advertising of Fall River MA stated on social media that their company and the City of Fall River have partnered together to add indoor billboard advertising at the Fall River City Hall. They all stated that installation of these indoor digital displays are scheduled to be installed in the next few weeks.

According to Owner of Interstate Public Advertising Roberto Medeiros, it won’t cost city taxpayers.

“This doesn’t cost the city or the taxpayers a dime! It is a partnership with the city of Fall River and my company to help generate revenue to the city of Fall River.”

Residents have expressed opinions both for and against the outdoor advertising. The indoor advertising opinions remain to be seen.

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