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Chemical linked to cancer found in 43 oat based foods according to study



A report has found traces of a weed killer in several oat based products.

According to a study by EWG (Environmental Working Group), Glyphosate, an herbicide linked to cancer by California state scientists and the World Health Organization, was found in all but two of 45 samples of products made with conventionally grown oats.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, the Monsanto weed killer.

Breakfast cereals, snack bars, and granola products with brands from Quaker, Kashi, and Kellogg’s made the list.

Almost three-fourths of those samples had glyphosate levels higher than what EWG scientists consider protective of children’s health with an adequate margin of safety.

EWG reported that the highest level of glyphosate detected was 1,000 ppb in two samples of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats. Three samples of Cheerios had glyphosate levels ranging from 470 ppb to 530 ppb.

Here is a link to the complete report and study by EWG: Oat Based Study

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