Candidate for Swansea Selectman “astounded” at conditions of town Veteran’s Services Office



Mike Beaudette, a Swansea resident and candidate for Swansea Board of Selectman, took to his campaign Facebook page last week to share his experience while visiting the office of Veteran’s Services in his town.

Beaudette had a meeting with Kevin Serpa, the Director of the Swansea Veteran’s Services last Friday and learned the office for the program was located in the basement of the Council On Aging building. Beaudette went on to say that he was “astounded by the conditions where he (Serpa) works.” and that the office was so small, that a visiting Veteran cannot meet with him in his office, and they have to sit at a table in another part of the basement. The office doesn’t even have a window.

Mike Beaudette Facebook post

Beaudette noticed that there was a room at the back side of the senior center that has it’s own entrance. Beaudette said this space would be one that Swansea could be proud of if used to serve it’s Veterans, but it is currently being used as a storage/junk room.

Beaudette called on members of the community to chip in and help remodel the space, asking others to “motivate the whole town with our can-do attitude!”

Speaking with Fall River Reporter, Beaudette shared more on the office location:

“The idea of my veterans Facebook post came from my first visit to introduce myself as a candidate for Swansea’s Board of Selectman. This was the first time I was in the office and found it surprising to be located in the basement. Being a Marine Corps veteran myself and form my perspective, I thought it would be nice to have a better location. The idea of community service is a natural thought and instinct for me, gathering volunteers to create community spirit and uniting the community seemed like a win-win for everyone. Semper-Fidelis!”

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  1. I’m sad

    March 26, 2024 at 12:34 pm

    But let’s help illegals who hate our Country. Believe me, I would rather my tax dollars going to revamping vets halls; offices; hospitals.

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