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Candidate for Fall River City Council files objection to opponent’s nomination signatures



City Council candidate Colin Dias has filed an objection to the validity of Michelle Dionne’s signatures on her nomination papers for City Council.

According to Dias, it isn’t personal and is more about integrity of the process.

“After obtaining Ms. Dionne’s nomination papers, I noticed a lot of irregularities with her signatures. Many signatures, some family members, some aren’t, have the same handwriting. Many are illegible and should not have counted, and some have the wrong address. This is not an attack against the hard work and integrity of Election Commissioner Kelly Souza Young. I filed this objection to assure election fairness and integrity is a priority in Fall River.”

Dias states that he is using the same law used involving signatures for this past recall election.

“This time there is a full member election board so I expect a decision from the hearings.”

Dias was considering objecting to the nomination signatures of Trott Lee, and Councilor Steve Camara, but felt there wasn’t enough evidence to do so.

Dias wrote a blog on titled ‘City Council Candidate Michelle Dionne defaults on court date, drivers license suspended’ in late July.

Attempts to reach Dionne for comment were unsuccessful.

According to Dias, the elections board scheduled the hearing for August 12.



  1. Social Crustice Crusader

    August 8, 2019 at 12:34 pm

    Anyone see a pattern to this guys behavior? Apparently COLON is questioning others integrity but is totally blinded to his own behaviors, if the voters put this guy in office we’ll know Fall River is finished.

  2. Socialcrusticecrusader

    August 12, 2019 at 8:25 pm

    Wow Cliff Ponte is a big joke!
    Get a life Cliff you will never be mayor…

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