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Bylaw proposed for thefts at Westport beaches



Photo courtesy of Greg Stone

It has been a problem that has been snowballing in recent years. Property theft at East Beach and Cherry and Webb Beach in Westport.

Beach Committee members Tim St. Michel and Sean Leach approached the Westport Board of Selectmen Monday to propose a bylaw concerning theft of rock, shells, pine trees, and oak grass at Westport beaches.

The committee members are not too concerned with children taking colorful rocks or shells they like. The bigger concern is trucks hauling away the rocks and shells. The group is looking to protect the resources of the beach and believe a bylaw will make the thefts easier to enforce.

Committee members have witnessed themselves in the early morning hours at least 12 trucks hauling beach property away. Two women recently were even approached about all of the grass they were cutting for decorations.

The committee plans on placing signs warning people to not take the property.

A $250 dollar fine was proposed with possible fine increases after multiple offenses. Especially considering someone may take more than $250 in rocks and stones.

The Board of Selectmen added the issue to the May Town Meeting agenda.

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