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Bristol County restaurant takes to social media after customer mocks employee, owner’s wife



There seems to be more and more instances as of late where customers cross the line when dealing with employees of a business and it appeared to happen again on Friday.

The owner and chef of a Bristol County restaurant took to social media to express his frustration.

Andrew Robinson of AJ’s Family Pizza at 89 Pleasant Street in Attleboro posted the following on Sunday.

“Friday was a special day for us here @ AJs Family Pizza & BBQ. We ran a special on smoked prime rib. I had never smoked prime bib Before and really wasn’t sure what to expect. The results were amazingly positive. We sold out and the customer comments that I received were incredibly great. Unfortunately, the evening was marred by an unhinged person. This person was over the top rude, disrespectful to my wife, belligerent and obviously suffered from a very common impairment. So, the impairment that I speak of is quite prevalent nowadays. In fact, I too suffer from it from time to time. I know you’ve heard of Atrial Fibrillation, or A-Fib. Well, this is not at all similar, but it’s called Atrial Holulation, or A-Hole!

“Now this person bashed our business, left horrible reviews, but the one thing that bothered me was when she mocked my wife and her accent. If you don’t know, my wife is the sweetest person in the world. Only tries to give the absolute best in customer service. Because she wasn’t born in this country, she may not move the same or interact the same or do anything the same as the rest of us. But make no mistake about it, she cares more than anyone. She just moves at a different pace. She is my backbone. I couldn’t or wouldn’t do it without her. So, when this person started berating her, I kind of lost it. I may not have dealt with the situation the way I should have, but it is what it is.

“The reason I bring this up publicly, is because we are not perfect here. In fact, I know I make mistakes every day. I try to learn from them, and I always try to fix them. If I serve you poor quality food, I own it and I hopefully fix it. Sometimes, I’m not given the opportunity to do so. But No matter what goes on, it is NEVER from a lack of effort and concern. I wear my heart on my sleeve for sure, and the smallest things bother me for days. This one hurts because in this case we did absolutely nothing wrong. The food was fresh and hot. The service my wife was giving, was gracious and professional. Without her here we would have struggled. She really is the glue to our business. Well, she was shaken. And the reason she was shaken is because she thought she did something wrong. And all the explaining in the world won’t change her mind. So, in conclusion of this uncomfortable post, one of which many wouldn’t post, I run a transparent business and I like it that way. AJs Family Pizza & BBQ is a family owned and operated business. Our focus is on customer satisfaction first and foremost and as a reminder, if you ever receive less than great quality food from us, please let us know, so that we may correct the situation. We strive for excellence all the time, but we miss the mark too! Please understand we want you to complain if it is warranted. If we mess up, please don’t accept it. Let us fix it. That’s how we operate and that’s the way we want it. And as always, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you again and again. Now, with all that said, let me make you a pizza!”

While nobody is perfect, try to keep in mind that employees in customer service are people too, often working hard to please the public.



  1. Elaine

    March 4, 2024 at 9:05 am

    What a well said Comment by the owne defending his wife and his livlihood! That patron should have been escorted out the very door she came in. No one walks on water, and one can issue constructive criticism on the side lines and in private. But to publicly BERATE another human is because that patron was an A HOLE and she wanted to be NOTICED! It was all about HER being important, and NOT the feelings of your wife!SHe will have her day!

  2. william silvia

    March 4, 2024 at 12:08 pm

    Three cheers for the owner and his post to defend his wife and state his mission in business. I am not in Attleboro but I may travel there just to be supportive. Kudos to the owner and his wife. To the patron , manners are required when dealing with waitstaff or employees of any establishment. Bad food , bring it to the attention of the manager or owner immediately. Bad service tell the manager immediately, just remember busy means slow service in many instances.

    • Richard Osborne Jr

      March 4, 2024 at 2:39 pm

      Busy usually equates to good quality food as well or people wouldn’t be flocking there!!

  3. Charlie K

    March 4, 2024 at 2:05 pm

    I can’t wait to come give you my business. What a great post. I am sorry you had such an Ahole of a customer. And I have no doubt the majority of folks that read your post will agree.. That customer was and is an AHOLE!! Keep up the good work and I will see you soon.

  4. Robert Follett

    March 4, 2024 at 3:53 pm

    I work at a supermarket 🛒 in the Attleboro area and I see plenty of people like that customer, to the owner of this local restaurant I can’t wait to try your food at your place and to the customer who berated your beautiful wife, I am going to say this to her, just because you shop at a certain business doesn’t give you the right to abuse the person on the other side of the counter, that lady who was waiting on you is truly trying to give you the best service possible, like you she is a very good person who works very hard to support her family and deserves to given the same respect a as you wish she would give you, I have been on the receiving side of this kind of stuff and I invite you to see how you would feel if someone treated you like that ad well. I’m going to visit your restaurant when I get back to work in a few. God bless your beautiful wife and your family today and always best wishes to you guys God bless you all the time.

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