Biden attacks president on COVID-19 relief, Trump reiterates call for $2,000 payments as unemployment expires



President-elect Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump Saturday, hours before unemployment aid expired on Sunday.

Biden issued a statement saying 10 million Americans have begun to lose unemployment benefits as a government shutdown also looms on Tuesday.

“Millions of families don’t know if they’ll be able to make ends meet because of President Donald Trump’s refusal to sign an economic relief bill approved by Congress with an overwhelming and bipartisan majority.”

“This abdication of responsibility has devastating consequences. Today, about 10 million Americans will lose unemployment insurance benefits. In just a few days, government funding will expire, putting vital services and paychecks for military personnel at risk. In less than a week, a moratorium on evictions expires, putting millions at risk of being forced from their homes over the holidays. Delay means more small businesses won’t survive this dark winter because they lack access to the lifeline they need, and Americans face further delays in getting the direct payments they deserve as quickly as possible to help deal with the economic devastation caused by COVID-19.”

President Trump reiterated his stance on Twitter Saturday and early Sunday morning that pork needs to be removed and stimulus payments to Americans need to be increased.

“$2000 + $2000 plus other family members. Not $600. Remember, it was China’s fault! Increase payments to the people, get rid of the “pork”.”

While Trump has had issue with foreign aid, the aid is actually contained in the $1.4 trillion government spending omnibus bill, not the $900 million COVID-19 relief bill. They are, however, packaged together.

According to Columbia University, aid in the bill would keep over 7 million Americans out of poverty next month as an eviction moratorium is set to expire at the end of December in addition to unemployment expiring today.

About 9.2 million workers saw PUA benefits expire this weekend, and approximately 4.8 million workers lost their PEUC benefits, according to USA Today.

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