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Berkley man arrested on drug distribution charges



WHITMAN — Chief Scott D. Benton reports that the Whitman Police Department has made an arrest after a two-month investigation into heroin and Fentanyl activity in the community and seized a large quantity of the deadly synthetic drugs known to be responsible for overdose and death throughout the region.

As a result of diligent investigative work by Whitman Police Detectives, JOHN A. TOWNSEND, AGE 31, OF BERKLEY was arrested Friday evening and charged with:

Trafficking in Fentanyl
Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class B Drug (Fetantyl)

During February and March, Whitman Police Detectives developed information concerning the distribution of opioids on the west side of town. On Friday evening, detectives observed what appeared to be a drug transaction in a driveway of a home near the intersection of Auburn and School streets. Officers conducted a traffic stop of a suspect vehicle after it rolled through a stop sign on Auburn Street near a local pharmacy.

The driver, later identified as TOWNSEND was arrested after an on-scene investigation.

Police recovered approximately 15 grams of a white powdery substance believed to by Fentanyl, materials used to prepare heroin and opioids, multiple cell phones, and $5,000 in cash during TOWNSEND’S arrest.

Fifteen grams of pure Fentanyl is, in theory, enough to cause several thousand overdose deaths.

“We are dedicated, as a public safety agency, to helping those suffering from substance abuse disorders recovery and take back their lives, but this case serves as a reminder that police will continue to aggressively pursue dealers and traffickers who profit from human misery and death in our communities,” Chief Benton said. “This case and the resulting arrest represent a terrific investigatory effort by our Whitman Police Detectives who removed an alleged leach from our community and likely saved a number of lives in the process.”

TOWNSEND is expected to be arraigned in Brockton District Court on Monday.

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