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Authorities warn of new viral challenge putting teens in the hospital



A new viral challenge has hit social media and is causing some unsuspecting participants to get seriously injured as it gains popularity.

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office is one of many organizations across the country warning parents of this new viral trend that has been causing broken bones in some of the participants and authorities are concerned that the injuries could get even more severe.

“Parents please be aware of the “The Skull Breaker Challenge” on Tik Tok! This “Challenge” involves three kids challenging the middle kid to jump as high as he or she can. When the middle kid is in the air – the other two kids kick the jumper’s feet out! This “Challenge” has already caused serious injuries to unsuspecting kids!”

Parents WARN YOUR KIDS about this idiotic new challenge. It's called the Skull Breaker Challenge. 2 people stand on each side of an unsuspecting person & trick them into jumping in the air. Once they jump the two on the sides kick the unsuspecting victims feet out from under them causing them to fall. This could cause a serious or fatal back or skull injury.

Posted by Danny Sweet-d Wilson on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Police have warned that criminal charges could be brought against participants in the challenge. This mother states that her son became unconscious.

I really contemplated posting this, but I feel there needs to be awareness of this malicious cruel viral prank. On…

Posted by Valerie Hodson on Saturday, February 8, 2020

The name “The Skull Breaker Challenge” is the first of many clues that an accident is just waiting to happen. One wrong hit to the head and this new fad will become a deadly one.

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