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Authorities have decided to euthanize bear in Massachusetts community causing backlash



Photo courtesy of Hanson Police

A decision to euthanize a local bear has caused some Bay State residents to voice their displeasure.

According to police, Wednesday evening, one of the local bears once again got into a residence barn and killed a goat. Hanson Police along with Massachusetts Enviromental Police responded.

Since the bear, known as Pumpkin, has gotten a taste for livestock, police stated that he will have to be euthanized.

Officers spent over 2 hours tracking him but were unable to put him down. Being a residential area, the officers could not take a safe shot at the bear without the risk of endangering residents. This is the second time the bear has attacked livestock in this area.

The resident had an installed electric fence and reinforced the barn doors. The bear still got into the barn. Police stated that the bear is becoming too comfortable in the area and has found too many food sources.

Police issued a statement knowing this decision would cause backlash from the public, which it has, particularly on social media.

“We know people will not be happy with this decision. We cannot just relocate a problem bear in this area. Residence should also be aware that there is more than one bear in the area. That being said, we cannot and will not take out a bear just because it is in your yard, however, if the bear is showing no fear of humans or is attempting to enter an area with livestock, please notify police immediately. This is not just a Hanson issue. Black bears can travel up to 15 miles in a day. Surrounding Police Departments and the Enviromental Police have been notified about this particular bear.

“We are disappointed that the situation has led to this decision. We again, ask that you take some time to learn about living with bears as they have now taken up residence in our area. We do not want this to become a recurring problem each year.”

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