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Another area racoon tests positive for rabies



Another raccoon has tested positive for rabies with more possibly sickened as well.

This new positive test was found off of Narrows Avenue in Westport.

Area residents are being warned to watch their pets and contact the ACO if you see something weird. If you see the animal, you are asked to not harm the animal, but contact Animal Control immediately.

According to Westport Animal Control, it could simply be a mom raccoon out for food for her babies but there have been a few cases since the first confirmed rabies case from a couple of months ago that definitely show signs of “sick” raccoons in town.

Back in January, Animal Control Officer Donna Lambert issued a post on social media stating that a Westport raccoon tested positive for rabies.

Lambert offered these helpful tips:

1. Please do not leave pet food outside overnight.
2. Be sure your trash lids are secure.
3. Do not encourage them to come around by providing a food source for them.
4. Please be sure your pets are vaccinated for rabies.
5. The wildlife is beautiful but admire them from a distance for your protection and the protection of your pets.

If you see a wild animal that is displaying signs of aggression or is lethargic, please contact Animal control at 774-264-5129, the selectmen’s office at 508-636-1003 or the police department at 508-636-1122.

Watch your pets and share everywhere. Also please share in the Tiverton area as this one is close to them.

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